"Murder on False River" by Martha Gabour Manuel

"Listen to me!" Savannah tried to call out from her hospital bed, but no one could hear. In a coma, she could not communicate the dangers she had discovered as her happily ever after world crumbled around her. While her race for political office had uncovered a web of scandals and lies, it paled in comparison to the darker secrets surrounding her husband, Michael. If she could speak again, would it be too late?


Synopsis of
Murder on False River
By:Martha Gabour Manuel
The sun was reflecting brightly off the pristine waters of False River. Across the street, in the beautiful quaint old church, christened St. Mary’s of False River, the largest wedding the church, or the town of New Roads, had ever seen was taking place.

Savannah Marie O’Brien, a stunningly beautiful woman, was marrying the wealthy and handsome Cajun, Michael Joseph Devereaux, owner of the prestigious Devereaux Real Estate Company.
The parties responsible for the wedding and reception reveled in the fact that the events were of such magnitude, they would never be forgotten by any of the invited guests. Unknown to them, they would also never be forgotten by the one uninvited stranger who quietly mingled among them.
In the aftermath of the wedding, Savannah and Mike settled into their steady work together at the Devereaux Real Estate Company. It was only after receiving an early morning phone call about a special news broadcast that their routines would change drastically. An announcement curtailing government home loans in Louisiana was made. That, coupled with major problems in the housing industry, began creating mass hysteria in the marketplace.
Reasons for the problems varied, but most agreed the trouble originated after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita hit Louisiana. Building codes and regulations were suspended. Providing shelter for those who had lost their homes was vital, and assisting builders to cut through red tape to build new homes was paramount.
Problematic now, was the fact that the codes and regulations had not been reinstated, resulting in some shoddy and inferior homes being built. Home loans had been stalled pending approval confirmations. Realtors began to worry that eventually they might be held responsible for selling sub-standard structures.
Unable to get current lawmakers to assist them, realtors look elsewhere for someone to represent them at the capitol. When Savannah decides to run for State Senator, they wholeheartedly throw their support behind her.
From campaign headquarters in New Roads, Savannah wages war against the powerful and politically connected incumbent, L.J. Brasseaux. She is thrust into the middle of mind-boggling intimidation tactics, making her all the more determined to win.
After the stressful but successful campaign, she is confronted with the death of her mother. The unbearable loss only serves to intensify the love she has for Mike, her only family left.
Subsequently, Mike’s plane crashes mysteriously over the Potomac River near Washington, D.C. As her life begins to spin out of control, Savannah is contacted by people Mike knew. It is her association with these individuals that draws her into the perilous murder on False River.
To exonerate Savannah’s name, she uses her meticulous attention to detail, and her longing for the truth, to unravel the mysteries behind the murder to which she unwittingly has been linked.
As a horrifying conspiracy is uncovered, Savannah’s efforts to notify Sheriff Breaux are thwarted by two unscrupulous men. Left by the side of the road to die, Savannah wonders if she will live long enough to tell anyone what she discovered, or if a lifeless body left lying on the ground will be her final epitaph.
Whether Savannah lives long enough to inform the authorities, or her unearthing of facts follows her to the grave, lives will be changed forever.
There can be no stopping this action packed novel until the very end.

Murder on False River
by:  Martha Gabour Manuel

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