"Fannie and Udie ... the scare of a lifetime!" by Ruth Bryan Gabour

Ruth Bryan Gabour


When the commotion in Udie's back yard rudely arouses her from a deep sleep, she is quick to call the local police.  Their casual approach to her plea for help leaves her feeling abandoned and left alone with . . . who knows what? 


After impatiently waiting, and doubting their arrival, the 91 year old Udie calls her good friend and neighbor, Fannie B. Osgood, to inform her of her plight.


Fannie, even at age 82, is not one to be ignored.  When she calls Sgt. O'Malley, at her insistence, he sends out two of his newest recruits to investigate.  To their surprise, they discover a young girl's lifeless body in Udie's backyard. 


Thus begins a whirlwind story involving the frivolous antics of two fun-loving older women, caught up in a terrifying mystery encompassing fear, intimidation, and ultimately, the intriguing answer to a top notch "Whodunit?" investigation.




Ruth Bryan Gabour's writing talents include: published short stories and poems; a reporter with a daily Texas newspaper; and editor of two weekly Louisiana newspapers she and her husband purchased in 1956.  At age 86, she is embracing one more writer's dream - her first published novel.  The two elderly ladies portrayed in this book were inspired in part by her mother and aunt, who have since passed away.



Fannie and Udie was released for the first time at the New Roads Harvest Festival on October 18, 19, and 20th.  It was my pleasure and honor to have this book (my mom's) unveiled at my booth with copies of Murder on False River also available for sale. 


Although mom was unable to make the festival this year, she was absolutely thrilled with all the good wishes and fantastic e-mails she has received. 


We wanted to thank all of you for your warm reception and words of encouragement for both of us!        Martha Gabour Manuel

Ruth Bryan Gabour's e-mail address is:  ruthgabour@yahoo.com


Letters may be sent to:  Ruth Gabour, P.O. Box 1023, New Roads, LA 70760

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