"Political Treason" by Martha Gabour Manuel


     In the highly anticipated sequel to "Murder on False River," a shooting at the Louisiana State Capitol sends shockwaves through Baton Rouge and leaves Senator Devereaux's stepson, Dylan, in critical condition.  Not since Governor Huey P. Long has there been a shooting at the capitol, and the already politically charged city is on high alert.


     Is there a sinister plot designed to manipulate and take control of the state of Louisiana?  And what is in the mysterious missing envelope that triggered the shooting?  When speculation meets actual fact, it's hard to know who to trust or what to believe.


     In this fast paced political thriller, even the ghost of the late Huey Long is rumored to be roaming the halls of his beloved state capitol at night, searching for answers.



     He moved slowly and steadily without making a sound.  The windowless room made it infinitely easier to wander about without being seen.  Only two doors gave access into the room, and he had just entered one.  The other door could easily be monitored by his keen sense of hearing.
He knew exactly what he was looking for.  If there was one thing he had learned over the years, it was to know everything you could about what you were going into before you actually took the first step towards achieving your objective.
His movements reflected those of a shadow in the night, no one seeing, no one knowing, no one caring that he was there.
He reached his targeted goal, stealthily picked up the prized item, stuffed it in his coat pocket, and left out the same way he had come in. 
No one was the wiser. 
Mission accomplished. 

                                                  CHAPTER 2


“Oh no!” Emile screamed out in horror.  “What have I done?”  He frantically searched his desk once more for the brown manila envelope he had been given right before the press conference earlier in the day.  
Emile couldn’t remember who had given it to him, and he certainly didn’t know what was inside.  All he could think of were the ominous words spoken to him when being given the envelope:  “It is imperative that the governor receives this as soon as he returns from his trip on Tuesday.  It contains highly confidential information.  Please see to it that it remains safe and that no one else learns of its’ contents.”     
He had other papers with it, but nothing as important as the envelope with which he was entrusted.  To lose the envelope was an unbelievably upsetting mistake; a mistake Emile knew instantly he would live to regret. 
Immediately he began mentally backtracking, trying to remember all the places he had been.  Suddenly it dawned on him.  “The Press Conference Room!  That has to be where it is.”
The thick carpeting did nothing to quiet the heavy pounding from his size twelve shoes.  He ran as if being chased by unseen demons. 
His heart was racing uncontrollably, feeling as if it would explode at any moment.  His paling face had become beet red, and by the end of a maze of ill-planned corridors, perspiration was flowing freely from the locks of tangled hair hanging down from his forehead.
“How could I have been so stupid?” Emile admonished himself. 
Emile often felt the pressure that came with his new position.   Less than six months into his job as a select member of the governor’s staff, he knew he had to be twice as careful and ten times as good as everyone else if he were to succeed.  Usually his over-confident ego led him to believe he was up to the challenge. 
Tonight, however, was a different matter…

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  1. I just finished reading "Murder on False River" and I so enjoyed it I finished it in one day; can't wait to see if the library has the sequel.